Step out with all precautions

We know that life will look different when cities and states reopen as local leaders attempt to restart the economy while trying to keep the second wave of coronavirus infections at bay.

Just remember that even as some restrictions loosen, that there’s still much we don’t know about the long-term behavior of this particular coronavirus strain.

In countries and cities that are beginning to reopen, the warning is clear: If cases surge again, the lockdowns will return. Reopening society may be a little different everywhere, but here are some common-sense codes to keep in mind. 

Continue wearing face masks


As shopping malls and nonessential businesses begin to open, look for more coronavirus-slowing policies to go into effect. That means social distancing, and both employees and customers wearing face masks or other face coverings.

There may be a lot of other rules depending on where you live and what you’re doing. 

Expect more sanitation sites with hand sanitizer and gloves, and a less personal experience wherever you go, like denial of entry if your temperature is too high or placing dividers between people on restaurant tables.

Expect that some shopping and socializing experiences won’t go back to normal for some time.

Keep the habit of hand-washing and hand-sanitizing


Remember that the goal of lockdown restrictions and thorough handwashing is to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed with patients in critical condition and minimize your risk for acquiring life-threatening symptoms.

Maintain the good hand-washing habits you’ve acquired during the lockdown, thorough washing with hand soap, and frequently doing so after coming into contact with people and common surfaces in public places.

Maintain Vigilance


To be practical, we can’t say for certain what will happen next, if a sudden surge in new coronavirus cases will make it necessary to again put quarantine measures in place or a more contagious strain of the virus may spread.

However, the smart thing to do is remain cautiously optimistic about regaining your freedom to move but remain realistic that we don’t know what the future holds.

Thus, we are enlisting a few steps you must follow while venturing into the outside world after the lockdown gets lifted.

1. Use Mask and Gloves. Never ever leave for office without these two buddies. Think of them as your bodily extensions which cannot be left home at any cost. Keep on replacing them at relative intervals.

2. Sanitize your hands after touching every public object, in buses or trains, or even inside the cab.

3. Use a private vehicle if possible or make sure the transport you’re taking has social distancing measures well at its place.

4. Don’t touch your face, mouth, or nose, as this might increase the risk of infection.

5. Carry a small packet of tissues or handkerchief for coughs and sneezes, and keep on replacing them during relevant intervals.

6. Ensure that every employee gets his/her temperature checked before entering the office premises. If not, decisively compel your employer to put in place such a system.

7. Carry your stationery from home to reduce the risk of being contaminated through office stationery you don’t know who else has touched before.

8. Prefer not to eat from outside.

9. Sanitize your hands every now and then, and ensure supremely precautious surroundings in office washrooms.

10. If you find any COVID symptoms – cold, fever, breathlessness, or loss of sense of taste or smell – stop going to the office with immediate effect and seek medical health, and tell others to do the same if it happens to them as well.